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4 Non Masculine Places to Get Tattooed
4 Times When Not To Get Tattooed
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4 Times When Not To Get Tattooed

On Vacation

Going on vacation causes people to lessen some of their inhibitions. They often do things they wouldn’t normally do because they are in a different environment. But of all the new things you may want to explore and try, getting a tattoo should not be one of them. Tattoo shops in tourist towns know they are going to be their most busy during the tourist season so they will price their work to reflect that. So, you’ll be likely to pay much more than in a non-tourist tattoo shop. When getting a tattoo it is advisable to develop some kind of relationship with the artist in case you have any problems with the tattoo or need a touch up. If you get work done in a tourist town this won’t be possible, so it’s best to wait until you get home and find a reputable shop in your area.

When Pregnant

Most people would think a pregnant woman’s focus would be on keeping healthy and producing a healthy baby. But, sometimes for some reason pregnant women will want to get a tattoo. There is nothing that conclusively proves that tattooing is dangerous for a pregnant woman or her baby.  Considering all that is involved with getting a tattoo, a pregnant woman will do better with waiting until after she has her baby and then celebrating with a tattoo.

While Sunburned

Having a sunburn is painful enough, but getting a tattoo on sunburn skin can be more than painful.  Since the skin is already red and irritated getting a tattoo increases the likelihood of bacteria being introduced to the tattooed area and then there’s a greater risk of infection. If you have a sunburn and really want a tattoo then let your body fully recuperate from the sunburn, then go forward with getting the tattoo.

While Drunk

When a person is drunk, they often think of themselves as invincible and can do anything they want. But, when it comes to getting a tattoo, doing it drunk is completely out of the question and depending on your location, a crime. Tattoo studios have legally required releases that clearly state that the person getting a tattoo is not under the influence of any drug or alcohol. On top of that, a drunk person may like the tattoo design or placement of the tattoo while they’re drunk, but after sobering up they realize that getting drunk the night before wasn’t the only mistake they made. 

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