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4 Tattoos Sure to Cause Regret
4 Tattoos Sure to Cause Regret

Tattoos are a permanent adornment on your body. So it is important to think about what you are getting before you have it permanently inked. But, sometimes no matter how much you think about it beforehand, there are 5 common tattoos that most people regret.

Facial Tattoo

A facial tattoo may sound cool and Mike Tyson looks pretty badass with that tribal on his face, but on regular people they are a bad idea. Once you get a facial tattoo you are henceforth known as “that guy/girl with the tattoo on his or her face”. Regardless if you become a doctor, solve the economic crises or rescue children from a burning building, you are still “the person with a tattoo on their face”.  Tattoos on the face carry a very negative connotation. They are associated with thugs or ex-prisoners and people to form a negative opinion about you without even getting to know you. 

Cheap/Free Tattoo

You might hear someone say that something “wasn’t worth the money they paid for it”; keep this in mind when accepting a cheap or free tattoo. Although it may look easy, tattooing is a skill and tattoo artists are trained in the proper procedures and practices to produce a quality tattoo. This professionalism comes at a price, and it usually isn’t cheap. So, if you are being offered a cheap or free tattoo, it might be because the artist is less skilled and the work will be of poor quality and something you’ll regret. 

Name Tattoo

Usually when someone gets their boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed on them it is because they have every intention of spending the rest of their lives together. But, we all know that not all relationships last and while that love of your life moves on to another you are left with a permanent reminder of love lost. So, keep that in mind before you permanently ink this month’s soul mate’s name on your body.

Logo Tattoo

When you’re thinking of how much you love the new Korn CD and decide that there’s no better way to signify your commitment to them than getting their logo tattooed on you. Stop and think about if you’ll love them 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Think about when you’re all grown up and lived a life and have children and grandchildren, will you want to have to explain who Korn is and why their logo is tattooed on you? 

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