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4 Non Masculine Places to Get Tattooed
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4 Non Masculine Places to Get Tattooed

Belly Button Tattoo

The belly button is an extremely feminine place on the body. So, while men do have belly buttons, getting tattoos around them is not manly. The designs that some men choose, no matter how masculine they think they are, tribal suns or barbed wire they still don’t look manly. Whether the man’s belly is a nice six-pack or looks like he drank one too many six packs, getting a tattoo in that area is not a good idea. 

Lower Back Tattoo

People have interesting nicknames for tattoos on the lower back, but the main thing that they have in common is that it usually involves a female adjective. So, with that in mind, it should serve as a warning for men not to get tattoos on their lower backs. Regardless of how masculine the tattoo design the guy chooses, once it is sized to fit in the lower back, it automatically becomes a feminine tattoo. If the man has a very large back piece with some of the artwork falling into the lower back area that’s ok, but only because of its connection to the rest of a larger piece.

Nipple Tattoo

Much like the belly button, the nipple is an exclusively feminine place to get a tattoo. Although a man might try to put something masculine around his nipple, maybe to even coordinate it with nipple jewelry but it is still feminine. So, unless the tattoo has a connection with a large chest piece, any tattoos around a man’s nipple are not masculine.

Hip Tattoo

Any tattoos on the hips should be left to women. Hips are womanly, there are tattoo designs that look great on a woman’s hips, but the same cannot be said for a man. Regardless of the tattoo design a tattoo on a man’s hip doesn’t look masculine and shouldn’t be there. Unless the mans full body is tattooed, in that case the hips and other non masculine places will have to be tattooed.

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